Plot to plate: sauerkraut

King Henry Walk Garden hold talks, walks and workshops all summer and I popped along to the Natural pickling and fermentation class run by local favourites Made in Hackney. It’s all about locally grown food, organic and in season.

Within the 2-hour session I had made jars of sauerkraut and a root kraut combination of turnip, fennel, carrot and juniper berries. After a week waiting and daily burping they were ready to eat and taste absolutely wonderful.

Made in Hackney have some fabulous recipes.


1 white or red cabbage

1 tbsp salt (15g salt to 1kg vegetables)

Remove the outer leaves and core from the cabbage and set aside. Grate the cabbage using a food processor, grater or finely slice by hand.

Sprinkle the salt and mix well using a massage motion. It takes about 10 minutes for the juices to release and the cabbage to take on a steamed or cooked consistency.

Pack the cabbage tightly in to a sterile 1 ltr jar leaving a 5cm gap at the top to allow the juices to rise. Place one or two of the outer leaves on top of the cabbage, then place the core of the cabbage on top of the leaf so that when the jar is closed it will dunk the cabbage under its juices.

Place somewhere not too hot or cold. Taste after 4 days, it should taste mildly tangy. Ready to eat or continue to ferment for a week ot two. Transfer to a clean jar and fridge to stop the fermenting process. It will keep for many months in the fridge.

Recipe by Made in Hackney.


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