Batten down the hatches!

Plot 51 Mangetout

Plot 51 has had an early disaster- slugs and snails have eaten the dill plant, beetroot seedlings, radish leaves and parsley shoots. I’ve lost all the rocket and salad leaves.

A warm, wet winter has been a snail and slugs paradise apparently as most of the plots at KHWG are under siege.

Plot 51 April


I naively left seedlings exposed and open so I’m trying to lay my hands on as much copper, shells, eggshells and sticks I can get my hands on.

I’ve replanted everything- here we go again.


4 thoughts on “Batten down the hatches!

    • The sea shells are more of an obstacle than a deterrent but it does seem to be working. I used my entire shell collection for the mangetout. I think copper strips or broken egg shells will be more effective. I’m going to try broken egg shells the next time I have boiled eggs..

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