May plot to plate: oregano pesto

Plot 51 Oregano pestoI realise the plot to plate so far has seen an over-abundance of herb recipes but the continued cold snap has brought two failed radish crops. I remain optimistic for future recipes of beetroot, radicchio, carrot, french bean, shallots, oca and potatoes but less hopeful patty-pan squash and tomatillo.

Plot 51 Oregano pesto ingredients

Oregano pesto

Serves 4

50 oregano leaves

100ml extra virgin olive oil

40g pine nuts

25g parmesan cheese, freshly grated

25g pecorino cheese, freshly grated

2 cloves garlic


Put the oregano leaves in a food processor with the olive oil, pine nuts, garlic and a pinch of salt. Process briefly at medium speed. Add the grated cheeses and process again.


Served with Linguine, potato and french beans.

‘The Silver Spoon’ by Phaidon


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